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Our Values

Amorepacific walked the path of beauty one step at a time to achieve its mission of ‘We make A MORE beautiful world.’ Every member of the company has faith and pride that what they do is contributing to building a better world. Our roles differ across brands, products, channels, and countries, but we embrace the same vision of delivering New Beauty that begins from the unique characteristics of each individual customer and is completed by the choices they make freely. Amorepacific never stops its challenge towards becoming the best and the first for our customers. We work together by embracing the beauty of everyone and accepting our differences. We work with confidence with a customer-centric perspective, and we establish principles we must keep and keep our promises with the world.


We make A MORE beautiful world


A life where everyone discovers and realizes their own unique beauty, this is the New Beauty we desire.

Amorepacific inspires New Beauty in every individual customer to discover, live, and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life. We pursue beauty that is inspired by the lives of our customers and seek new ways to realize the beauty of mind and body. We deliver the best personalized and customized solutions based on digital technology. And we empathize with a wider reach of stakeholders across our business areas to build a corporate ecosystem where Amorepacific’s vision becomes everyone’s future.

  • Vision Live Your New Beauty
  • New Beauty inspired by Life

    Transcending the meaning of beauty in the narrow sense,
    Amorepacific expands the realm of beauty to the entire
    lifecycle of customers and their daily lives.
    We deliver Wellness care for healthy and balanced
    inner & outer beauty and provide next-generation
    beauty products with enhanced efficacy.

  • New Beauty created with Digital

    By leveraging digital technologies and customer data,
    we provide hyper-personalized solutions,
    including customized cosmetics, across all touchpoints.
    We deliver the optimal customer experience
    by building a closely knitted channel of communication
    with our customers.

  • New Beauty resonating with Empathy

    Amorepacific respects the beliefs of individuals, diversity,
    and have a deep love for our planet. With strong
    compassion for humanity, we take care of and resonate
    with the entire corporate ecosystem. We communicate
    with key stakeholders and bring light to the beautiful
    values of coexisting and moving forward together.

ABC Spirit

Our dream and our mission ‘We make A MORE beautiful world’ and our belief that the world will become more beautiful when our unique beauty shines and brightens - this is the reason we are on this journey. We are committed to our five principles to realize this dream.

  1. Customers first
    Customers first
  2. Be the first and the best
    Be the first and the best
  3. Collaborate with an open mind
    Collaborate with
    an open mind
  4. Respect differences
    Respect differences
  5. Act with integrity
    Act with integrity