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Customized Solution for My Teeth

Median believes that radiant smile with healthy teeth completes true beauty.
Based on this philosophy, Median reflects not only functional oral healthcare solutions but also aesthetic values in its products.

Launched in 1983, Median has made efforts to protect the dental health of customers for the past 40 years, and has now positioned itself as a brand specializing in functional oral care.
From tartar specialized ‘Tatar Care 93% Toothpaste’, which has been loved by many customers, ‘Science Line Toothpaste’, which takes care of oral concerns showing clinically confirmed improvements, to ‘Green Propolis Toothpaste’, which contains propolis and high fluoride, one of the most preferred ingredients of all times, Median received a lot of love for launching products that carefully consider ones' oral concerns and lifestyles.

Median will continue to provide healthy teeth and beautiful smiles based on its expertise and functionality, and further establish itself as a trustworthy brand close to its customers.

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