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Customer Safety

Products Development

AMOREPACIFIC establishes, thoroughly manages, and applies world-class quality standards and policies to create safe products that take both people and the environment into consideration.

Products Development

Product Safety Assessment

AMOREPACIFIC uses only the ingredients and raw materials that have been fully proven for their efficacy, quality, and safety when developing products through technologies accumulated over decades and strict standards.

AMOREPACIFIC never prescribes ingredients that could be problematic in the process of developing and manufacturing products. However, considering the possibility of unintentional and indirect residue depending on the raw materials used and the manufacturing method of products, we conduct a trace-level analysis to ensure that our products are safe. In addition, from manufacturing to finished products, AMOREPACIFIC makes sure from multiple angles that our products are safe and suitable both for people and the environment and thoroughly monitors and analyzes whether there are any adverse reactions or complaints even after product launch, reflecting the results in product improvement and development. It is our effort to protect consumer rights and provide valuable consumption opportunities.

  • Rigorous Ingredient Selection icon

    STEP 01

    Rigorous Ingredient

    Harmful ingredients excluded, of course! Strict standards established for mixing of each ingredient

    Ingredient research skills accumulated for decades and over 50,000 databases secured

  • Meticulous Raw Material Management icon

    STEP 02

    Meticulous Raw

    Meticulous safety test conducted at higher concentration than actual use

    • Alternatives to animal testing
    • Skin irritation test
    • Skin allergy test, among others
  • Various Safety Assessment icon

    STEP 03

    Various Safety

    Compliance with world-class quality standards from production to finished products

    • Alternatives to animal testing
    • Skin irritation tested in sensitive skin / Clinically tested on sensitive scalp
    • Skin allergy test, among others
    • Dermatological test
    • Non-comedogenic test, etc.
  • Thorough Post Management icon

    STEP 04

    Thorough Post

    Adverse reactions and complaints after product use monitored and collected/analyzed

    Systemic customer response and reflection in product development/improvement via our complaint management system for undesired effect

Providing safe products to customers is the top priority of AMOREPACIFIC, and we thoroughly and strictly manage all stages from product development to customers’ satisfaction in product use.

Under the principle of respect for life, AMOREPACIFIC has prohibited unnecessary animal testing for cosmetics. Building on the technologies and experiences developed since 1994, AMOREPACIFIC is actively using alternatives to animal testing and is doing its best to improve animal welfare and secure product safety.

Customer-Centric Product Technology Ⅰ (Sensitive Skin Research)

Customers are always at the center of Amorepacific's product development philosphy. We make sincere productswith the belief that even one person's skin concerns are meaningful and precious.

Soonjung, a brand specializing in sensitive skin that was first born in Korea in 1988, is the first step in AmorePacific's customer-centered philosophy that sincerely considers customer concerns about sensitive skin. We have established the base of the sensitive skin research through collaboration with outstanding hospitals, and strenthened Amorepacific's unique sensitive skin evaluation system through the skin characteristics research in Korea, China, and US, and the microbiome research based on gene polymorphism. In addition, in order to understand and solve customer concerns by area such as scalp, eyes, and lips as well as skin, we are expanding the scope of the study and trying to provide a sensitive customized solution. Our decaeds-long journey of sensitive skin research can be found in details below.

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Customer-centric Product Technology Ⅱ (Environmental Impact Assessment Technology)

As environmental concerns are increasing recently, more and more customers are looking for products that can minimize environmental impact. In 2015, AMOREPACIFIC introduced a test method that can assess toxicity in the aquatic environment for the first time in the cosmetics industry in Korea, and began researching the impact of products on the environment. AMOREPACIFIC evaluates the environmental impact of products by identifying Persistence(Biodegradation) Score¹, Bioaccumulation Score², and (Aquatic) Toxicity Score³ of raw materials used, and reflects the results in product planning and development.

Environmental Impact Assessment Scoring Algorithm

  • Persistence(Biodegradation) Score¹

    (Biodegradation) Score¹

    The degree to which an organic substance released into the environment is decomposed by microorganisms

  • Bioaccumulation Score²


    The degree to which a specific substance in the environment accumulates in an organism and builds up in the organism through a food chain

  • (Aquatic) Toxicity Score³

    (Aquatic) Toxicity

    The degree to which certain types of chemicals adversely affect organisms in the ecosystem

성분별 점수화 합산
성분별 점수화 합산
Product Score

Application Case

HAPPY BATH Original Collection Body Wash

  • 해피바스 오리지널 컬렉션 바디워시
  • 99% 생분해도 아이콘

    Biodegradable Ingredients 99%

    Clean body wash for the earth

    Improved Biodegradability of Content

    The content of biodegradable ingredients has been increased so that the product can have less impact on the aquatic environment and more desired ingredients that only focus on the skin.

Customer-Centric Product Technology Ⅲ (Excluding Certain Undesired Ingredients)

Our formula technologies have been steadily advancing to exclude certain ingredients that customers do not prefer. For example, product quality can be preserved without preservatives, unpleasant scents can be handled without fragrances, and the cleaning function is possible effectively without surfactant. To ensure the customer's trust in excluding certain ingredients, the internal processes such as analysis of trace materials and cross-contamination prevention are operated to obtain scientific evidences.

  • Non-Preservatives Technology

    Non-Preservatives Technology

    • Application of microorganism water activity
    • Rapid microbial identification
    • Antibacterial solutions of natural/fermented materials
    • Microbiome methodologies
    • AI preservation prediction, etc.
  • Non-fragrance Technology

    Non-fragrance Technology

    • Analysis of off-flavor or residual scent using GC-MS(Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer), GC-IMS(Ion Mobility Spectrometry)
    • Sensibility evaluation of scent
    • Management of product or raw material scent
  • Trace-level Analysis Technology

    Trace-level Analysis Technology

    • Qualitative/quantitative analysis of substances using NMR(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance), LC-MS(Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry)
    • Contamination detection using LC-MSMS/GC-MSMS(Tandem Mass Spectrometry)

Products made in this process provide information through 'free' or '無' marking so that customers can easily make the choice they want. Of course, it is not allowed to display 'free' or '無', if the ingredient does not exist because it is prohibied material by the regulations. We do not exaggerate the obvious to be significant or meaningful.

안전한 제품

Quality Standards for Packaging Materials

Packaging materials are also an important part of the product. Amorepacific conducts research and development as well as quality management according to its strict internal quality standards. Such quality standards include a wide scope of standards not only on the material of packaging, but also its impact on the environment, its recyclability, and functionality. More information on Amorepacific’s effort in pursuing eco-friendly packaging can be found here in detail.

Using less plastic in products Sustainable paper packaging Proposing value consumption through brand campaigns

Development History Tracking System

The entire process of Amorepacific’s research and development is conducted with records kept in real time regarding ingredients, raw materials and formula of each product based on a digital management system. Therefore, if needs, we can track the history of products.