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HERA, Renews Contract with Jennie for 6 Consecutive Years

Brand 2024-04-01
  • Continuing partnership with global icon Jennie to spread Seoul Beauty worldwide

Contemporary Seoul beauty brand Hera has signed a 6-year consecutive modeling contract with Jennie.

Hera is spreading its unique beauty based on Seoul culture, and employs models who can represent the persona of the most confident and independent brand of the times. Since early 2019, Hera has appointed global icon Jennie as their new model, and continuing the relationship for 6 years, together they are promoting Hera’s unique Seoul beauty and culture.

Jennie is active as a pioneering artist, confidently showcasing her own personality in various fields such as music, fashion, and entertainment. Hera is delivering its brand philosophy and story in a unique way with Jennie, drawing inspiration from her distinctive character to present high-sensitivity visuals and various campaigns, creating synergy.

Notably in the Seoulista brand campaign video last September, Jennie portrayed today’s Seoulista with a progressive attitude of expanding her unique beauty, garnering attention for its scenes capturing Seoul’s diverse aspects.

An official from Hera states, “Jennie is the ideal persona and partner for spreading Hera’s beauty philosophy and values to worldwide customers, and we are delighted to continue our relationship with Jennie”, and adding, “We plan to carry out various brand activities together in promoting Seoul beauty philosophy pursued by Hera with Jennie to a wider audience.”

Meanwhile, Hera plans to accelerate global business expansion with Jennie, leveraging flagship products such as the ‘Black Cushion Foundation’ with its evolution into the third generation with cumulative sales exceeding 10 million units, the ‘Silky Stay Custom Match Foundation’, offering customized colors with 125 different shades, and the globally loved ‘Sensual Nude Balm & Gloss’, known for its clear colors and natural volume.