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Sulwhasoo Publishes 2023 Sustainability Report

Brand 2024-04-02
  • Sulwhasoo’s Sustainability Report on Brand Philosophy and Vision, and Products:
  • Amorepacific’s first independent brand sustainability report leads industry in promoting sustainability and enhancing brand value

Sulwhasoo, Amorepacific's luxury skincare brand, has proudly unveiled its 2023 Sustainability Report. The report is Amorepacific’s first to focus solely on a single brand, highlighting Sulwhasoo's steadfast commitment to principles, interweaving its core values of Ginseng Science, Environment, and Cultural Heritage into its corporate narrative.

Sulwhasoo provides fundamental solutions for skin trouble and the appreciation of beauty in the broader, elevated domains of art and culture. Sulwhasoo is leader in Korean beauty that has garnered countless awards and exclusive firsts as it has grown and developed to keep its offering in phase with women's changing life cycle needs.

Sulwhasoo's Sustainability Report is organized into three chapters. The first chapter, Ginseng Science, delves into the history and heritage of Sulwhasoo, dating back to the 1960s when ginseng research began. The science has allowed Sulwhasoo to create a genuinely timeless work of art, applying innovative technologies and sustainable elements to the entire process of sourcing, researching, and processing ginseng.
Sulwhasoo opened a new horizon of ‘ginseng for beauty’, rather than ‘ginseng as food’ and turns a new leaf by engaging in the entire process of conservation and globalization of ginseng, technological innovations driven by ginseng research, and the sustainable sourcing of raw materials.

Sulwhasoo manages all its raw materials through a strict process from ginseng sourcing contracts to cultivation, harvest, and purchase. The brand adheres to a sustainable raw material sourcing practices by its 100% contract-based cultivation system. Carefully selected ginseng roots are transformed into timeless and innovative products through holistic ginseng utilization research and sophisticated processing technologies. This includes unrivaled advanced technologies such as bioconversion and data mining.

The second chapter addresses the Environment. Recognizing its profound connection to and responsibility for nature, from which the brand draws its origin and ongoing inspiration, Sulwhasoo is dedicated to minimizing its environmental impact across the entire value chain. Sulwhasoo's deepest sense of responsibility is manifested across the entire product lifecycle from production to disposal of products. The brand is adopting approaches to reduce its environmental footprint such as moving towards sustainable packaging and transitioning to be manufactured in carbon neutral plants in response to climate crisis. To minimize environmental footprint, the company has set a goal to reduce plastic use by 15% by 2030 against 2021 and increase the proportion of recycled materials at least 30% by 2030.

The third chapter of Sulwhasoo's three sustainability visions is the Cultural Heritage, which is ingrained in the brand's mission to create 'A More Beautiful World.' This involves reinterpreting the value of Korean tradition in a contemporary manner, driven by a profound respect for art and heritage.
Sulwhasoo contributes to the world by creating harmonious beauty that transcends generations and boundaries. First Care Activating Serum, inspired by traditional Moon Jars and calligraphic works, along with The Ultimate S Cream, which also drew inspiration from Moon Jars, has successfully integrated traditional aesthetics. Both products have been widely cherished by customers around the world.

Sulwhasoo's flagship store, The House of Sulwhasoo Bukchon is a building that preserves and shares Korea’s traditional beauty by connecting a hanok (traditional Korean house) built in the 1930s and a Western-style house built in the 1960s. The unique retro-modern architecture has been selected as the winner of the ‘2022 Seoul Exemplary Hanok’ in recognition of its role in communicating traditional beauty within the context of modern society. Sulwhasoo will continue its efforts to preserve cultural heritage and coexist with it.

GaYoon Jung, Senior Vice President of Sulwhasoo, said, “We are committed to creating a world of sustainable beauty at Sulwhasoo. This is powered by steadfast ginseng research and innovation, our environmental pledge inspired by our creative spirit of circulation, and the preservation and reinvention of cultural heritage.”

The 2023 Sulwhasoo Sustainability Report has been published in both Korean and English for our global customers. The report is available on the brand website at WWW.SULWHASOO.COM.