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mise-en-scène, in collaboration with aespa, launches new "Perfect Serum" advertisement campaign

Brand 2024-04-30
  • The Perfect Serum campaign marks the beginning of an active global marketing strategy

Amorepacific's mise-en-scène debuts its first promotional video featuring aespa for the global Perfect Serum campaign.

The promotional video embodies the ethos "PERFECT makes PERFECT," capturing the confident pursuit of individual perfection embodied by the members of aespa. It introduces each member's specialized serum: Winter's Original Serum, Karina's Styling Serum, Giselle's Super Rich Serum, and Ningning's Watery Serum. The campaign encourages viewers to "Find your PERFECT Serum," offering tailored solutions for different hair concerns.

The teaser video, released on April 16, sparked fervent anticipation and enthusiasm among fans. The main series, consisting of five videos, is set to sequentially premiere starting May 1, and will be simultaneously released across global markets including Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia via mise-en-scène’s official social media accounts. Concurrent with the advertisement's airing, Olive Young Mall will enhance its marketing efforts through various promotions, such as giving away aespa stickers and photocards with every purchase of Perfect Serum.

mise-en-scène's Perfect Serum continues to dominate the market as the top-selling hair essence in Korea for 11 consecutive years, surpassing 90 million bottles sold. The campaign, starting with this compelling short-form video featuring aespa’s unique allure and vibe, aims to continuously captivate consumers with innovative advertising.