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Mizium, the Community of the Senses

An Innovative Space of the Senses A space of Amorepacific’s innovative research coming to life creatively through collaboration as a place where specialized technology and creative senses broaden through connectivity and communication.

the Community
of the Senses

An Innovative Space of the Senses

Amorepacific Mizium is a place where specialized technology and creative senses broaden through connectivity and communication, and a venue for intellectual interactions based on the spirit of active, open and collaborative research. Mizium opened in the spring of 2010 and became a business-centered R&D Park for open innovation and communication. Mizium heads the entire R&D function as a cutting-edge R&D Center, while also functioning as a beautiful venue for communication embracing the land and the building.

All of the spaces in Mizium embrace natural light and are open spaces that enable innovative thinking. In these open spaces, there is always a sense of transition. In other words, it is a place for innovation through the dynamic relationships among people and communication. An open stage was created for researchers so that they can offer wondrous and beautiful things to the world.

Amorepacific Mizium was built to allow people, nature and surrounding environment converge in harmony led by the philosophy of ‘architecture centered around people.’

Learning Through Creative Research

A Space for Innovative Research

Amorepacific Mizium is a space for research and development, a journey of seeking stores, origin of ingredients and labs, as well as a space for innovative research like a ship exploring the world’s oceans. Here is where various functions are supported, communication and collaboration are promoted as Mizium is one perfect ‘city’ with a balance between the public and the private.

The bridges of Seongjigwan and Mizium, connecting spaces of communication and collaboration

The itinerary between these volumes and planes is an elaborate transition between exteriors and interiors, a transition that combines constructed elements with natural elements, opacities and transparencies, shadows with lights. The visitor or user moves between sheets of water, covered walkways and garden courtyards at different levels, viewing natural scenery, implying that the essence of Mizium’s architectural experience lies in movement.

Mizium orchestrates the movement and wide-ranging activities of people by connecting the interior courtyards, spaces above the stylobates and the lightwell of the laboratory wing.

Lobby courtyard, the center of Mizium, where you can enjoy the light and the view

Building for People

A Space for the People who Create Today’s Happiness and Tomorrow’s Vision

As a space for its residing people, Amorepacific Mizium was created as a place for researchers to offer wondrous things to the world. Through orchestration of the landscape, of architecture as part of the landscape, Mizium presents enjoyable moments to its visitors. It is here that intellectual communication and connections occur for the unexpected future.

Research, Rediscovering The Special Nature of Obvious Things

Lab that Explores the Special

All travels are journeys of “rediscovering the magic strangeness, the special nature of obvious things.” And let us remind ourselves that the essence of Amorepacific’s research and development is to find special things in the familiar flowers and plants that surround us. Research in Mizium is a ‘journey’ that leads scientists to go about seeking into the city stores where we meet our customers, into tea fields where we find ingredients, and into labs where we harness the scent of ginseng.

Mizium Lab, an open space for researchers