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Move Forward Together with Customers and Society

Amorepacific will continue purpose driven brand activities that promote sustainable consumption and
contribute to a stronger society in ways that enhance our customers’ lifestyles.

Move Forward Together with Customers and Society

Instill the values of environmental and social friendliness into 100% of our new products and pursue endeavors that encourage sustainable living.

AMOREPACIFIC, as a company of consumer packaged goods, is committed to responsible brand activities and product development that minimize the negative impact of product consumption and empower customers to become contributing actors toward addressing environmental and social challenges through consumption

Promote diversity and inclusion across all our global workplaces and beyond, while seeking harmonious growth with all our stakeholders.

AMOREPACIFIC is committed to ensuring diversity across workplace, providing opportunities for individuals to unleash their potential, and promoting the value of inclusive beauty through product and brand activities. Also, we will invest in healthy and independent lifestyle for people from all walks of local communities in order to contribute to shaping a more inclusive society.